Inventory Management

Author Press provides its customers with a clean concise inventory. As we all know too much inventory results in additional storage and a higher cost of goods. Of course, too little inventory means interrupted production, higher cost of goods and dissatisfied customers. The trick is to minimize inventories without adversely effecting production or distribution.

Author Press proven on-line inventory management system helps our customers control their inventory. By providing our customers with a clear-cut, web-based, real time inventory reporting system, they are able to maintain proper inventory balances. The advantage to using our system is that inventories are kept at a minimum, while improving response to manufacturing needs.

Get real time on-line inventory via our info-partners portal. Log in to our secure on-line inventory system so you can see your inventory in real time. No more guessing about what you need to order when you can go and see it for yourself.

Please contact one of our skilled sales staff for any Inventory Management questions you have.