Replication Services

CD Replication

Utilizing advanced replication technology, sophisticated analyzation equipment, and top-speed automated assembly, Author Press delivers superior quality discs in all shapes and sizes. Author Press digital media specialists carefully review every project and recommend the most cost effective package that is best suited to the client specifications.

Standard CD ROM – holds 700 MB of data equivalent to 500 high-density disks.
Business Card – pull out your credit card to check out the size; they hold 30 MB.
Custom Shape – we will work with you to cut any shape you can imagine.

DVD Replication

DVD replication technology allows for storage capacities 14 times greater than CD-ROM’s from 4.7 to 17 Gigabytes. The encoding process converts both audio (AC-3 files) and video (MPEG-2 files) to DVD format. Authoring the DVD involves the creation of menus, chapter breaks, supplementary audio tracks, sub-titles, and a variety of other features exclusive to DVD technology. Your DVD can contain data on one or both sides and also has a “dual-level” feature available to increase the amount of information.